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Description: OPEN Body MethodTM is a blueprint to enhance movement and is full benefits. By reconnecting our ability to feel the connective flow inside the body via our communication organ known as fascia, movement experience is expansive and healing in many levels.
Additional Info: I’m Karla Contreras, owner of OPEN Body Concepts. My experience as a Stott Pilates, Gyrotonic® teacher and Structural body worker leaded me to the realization that we are multidimensional beings in constant flow between gravity and ground reaction forces.
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Karla Contreras
Karla Contreras

I’m Karla Contreras, owner of OPEN Body ConceptsTM and founder of OPEN Body MethodTM. I have been teaching movement for 30 years. Our conception of body posture, exercise and wellbeing are directly related with this emotional state and core believes. Limited range of motion, discomfort and chronic pain in the body are rooted in this core believes and emotional states. We try to “fit” into a body posture or exercise in a certain way to accomplish heath and/or looks. We still treat our bodies like machines that need to adapt to our perception of heath and appearance by the commands of the mind. From taking pills to relieve pain and discomfort to abuse our soft tissue by rolling on a from roller or forcefully “stretching” our body, we create more damage and stress in the system. We disconnect from our bodies. We don’t allow the body to communicate to us, to express and feel and let it led the way into vibrant heath. The idea of being present and connected into the experience of movement it is still foreign for many. Feeling our way through movement opens spaces inside us to allow live force or energy enter those places in form of nutrients, fluids and neural and cellular information to reorganize, and regenerate the entire body and its efficiency. When we fully engaged in the process of connected movement with intentionality, the body opens into its natural state of joy and vibrancy. This state is characterized by an adaptable, free flow, resilient and well-balanced body, mind and spirit.